Great competition

Compete against the best regional and national teams, every month. Our 5v5 soccer tournaments are fast-paced games with lots of action and goals.


Amazing prizes

Play to win — 5-a-side world cup, ICC games, MLS partner club premium fan experience, cash prizes and more. Are you up for the challenge? It starts here…


Video replay

Play at Sofive and watch your own video replays right from our website. Search it, watch it, share it — it’s easy, fun and unique!


How tournaments work

Pick your event

We organize a large number of events across all our soccer centers. Look up the ones that best suit your skills and enroll your team if you’re up for the challenge!

Build your roster online

Register your team online and line-up your best 5 for the competition. Rosters and waivers must be completed 24 hours before the beginning of the tournament.

3 games guaranteed

Each team is guaranteed a minimum of 3 games. The knock-out phase is played on the same day and crowns the kings/queens of the court. Game on!

Win amazing prizes

Make the finals to win awesome prizes, different for every event. Plus, you will be invited to participate in our multi-location events to become Sofive Grand Champions.

Why choose Sofive

Quality fields

Play on our sublime turf fields, specifically designed for 5-a-side soccer. Enjoy our clean changing rooms, spacious lounge and free on-site parking.

Qualified referees

Our refs are fully qualified, know the game in-and-out and go through regular training. We count on each team to endorse fair play and respect each decision.

Award ceremony

The winners and runners-up will be recognized during an award ceremony where they will receive their prizes. The winners’ picture goes on our social media.

Post-tournament drinks

After a full day of effort and emotions, celebrate with your teammates at our Halftime Bar & Café and watch your best highlights with our video replay technology.


Interested in participating in an adult tournament? Find our upcoming tournaments here.


Still have a question about our adult tournaments? Read our FAQ first:

Waiver: does everyone need to sign a waiver?

Yes, every participant must sign our online waiver. Players will not be allowed on the field without it, so plan ahead and share this link with your teammates.

Games: how many games are played and how long is each game?

Generally, our tournaments guarantee 3 round-robin games, plus the knockout phase for qualified teams. Each game is 18 minutes long. All games are played on the same day.

Please note that tournament and game format may change depending on the event.

Roster: how to add a player on the roster, join a team and are there limitations to the roster?

Each team must have a minimum of 8 players and a maximum of 10 players registered on their roster in DASH.
To add a player (team captain):
  1. log in to DASH;
  2. click on your team name;
  3. click on ‘Team’ and ‘Invite’ in the drop-down menu;
  4. add players email address and click ‘Send’;
  5. invited players need to accept the invite and create an account on DASH.

To join a team (players):

  1. the team must be assigned a manager;
  2. log in to DASH;
  3. click on ‘Registration’ in the header menu and select your name;
  4. select ‘Teams & Leagues’ in the program finder;
  5. choose ‘Join a Team’ and click on the ‘Join’ button for the team desired.

Footwear & Equipment: what do we need to bring for the tournament?

Footwear: We strongly encourage you to use turf shoes as this is the most comfortable and safe footwear to play on turf. However, we do allow non-metal cleats to be used on our fields.

Jersey: All players on the same team must wear identical t-shirts; these must be worn for every game. Sofive does not provide t-shirts or jerseys for the tournaments. However, teams can purchase SOFIVE FC t-shirts at the front desk.

Ball: Games will be played with a Sofive 5-a-side ball, which is slightly smaller and heavier than a regular size 5 ball, but not quite a Futsal ball.

Shin pads: We strongly encourage the use of shin pads.

Featured rule: what's the goalie box rule?

Only the keeper is allowed in the box, s/he cannot exit the box —

  1. only the defending goalkeeper is allowed to play the ball inside the goal area and only s/he may handle the ball in this area;
  2. a defending outfield player can enter his own goal area but cannot deflect/play the ball in his own goal area, if s/he does so, s/he will have a free kick awarded against his team;
  3. an outfield player entering his opponent’s penalty area will be penalized and the game will be re-started from the goalkeeper;
  4. a goalkeeper gaining or seeking to gain an advantage by leaving his/her area or by playing the ball when it is outside the area will have a free-kick awarded against his team.

No pass back to the keeper —

  1. the goalkeeper has a maximum of 5 seconds to return the ball into play;
  2. a teammate receiving the ball from the goalkeeper may not return the ball directly to him/her – the ball must first be touched by another teammate or an opponent;
  3. a free kick will be awarded to the offending team from the place where the defending player returned the ball;
  4. a goalkeeper cannot pick up or touch with his/her hands a back pass.

Featured rule: can we sub on the fly?

Substitutions are unlimited during the game and can only be made with the referee’s consent —

  1. outgoing substitutes must leave the field of play before the replacement enters the playing area;
  2. the oncoming players are active immediately and can receive the ball;
  3. substitutes must stand outside the pitch perimeter and spectators must not enter the field of play under any circumstances, a change of goalkeeper must be authorized by the referee.