Pro-quality fields

All our fields are FIFA Futsal regulated-dimensions and the latest generation turf for the best indoor soccer experience.


Training all year

We offer long-term contracts for teams who want to train and continue developing their players year-round. Winter contracts are available too.


Video replay

When you play at Sofive and you can watch your own video replays right from our website. It’s a unique tool to improve your team or just to share the fun with friends & families!

Our centers feature FIFA futsal regulated dimension fields with synthetic turf and rebound walls. The fields are specifically designed for technical training sessions focused on ball skills, speed and agility. Each field is equipped with Video Replay technology for post-game analysis.

All centers are equipped with free on-site parking, modern and clean changing facilities (with lockers and showers), a bar and cafe for drinks and snacks and a comfortable lounge for viewing live action on the fields or relaxing before or after the game.

Simply the best

Premium artifical ground

We’ve selected the best and latest generation synthetic turf for maximum comfort, safety, and performance. Our artificial turf is designed to exceed FIFA Quality Pro & FIFA Quality certifications. We groom our fields weekly.


Our fields are FIFA regulated 5-a-side dimensions, with rebound walls and enclosed netting for non-stop training. 5v5 is the most popular form of small-sided soccer and the best to develop player skills.

100% soccer center

We’re soccer-only and specialized in working with youth soccer organizations, from local clubs to large academies. Our centers breathe and live soccer, featuring 8-to-12 fields each and a fervent staff always keen to engage in football

Why choose Sofive

On-demand and contract rental

You can now train your team all year round. We offer long-term contracts for clubs & academies interested in the best quality and consistency, as well as on-demand rentals for rainouts.

Great fields & facility

Play on our sublime turf fields, specifically designed for 5-a-side soccer. Enjoy our clean changing rooms, spacious lounge, and free on-site parking.

Friendly staff

We share the same passion as yours: soccer! We’re here to make your experience unique, whether you need something, or just want to chat about the beautiful game.

Spacious lounge, bar & cafe

Watch your kids play on the fields from our spacious and comfortable viewing lounge. Enjoy a hearty snack and a cold drink at our Bar & Cafe.


Interested in renting a field for your youth soccer team?


Still have a question about youth rental? Read our FAQ first:

Waiver: does everyone need to sign a waiver?

Yes, every parent or legal guardian must sign our waiver online for their kid(s). Players will not be allowed on the field without it. Start by creating an account as a parent (enter your personal information, not that of your kid), and add your kid(s) at the end of the process. Note: Coaches or team manager cannot sign the waiver for their team. Please forward the waiver link to the parents.

Fields: what size are the fields?

Our 5v5 fields are FIFA Futsal regulated dimensions. Typically, we feature fields 85 – 90 ft in length, 50 – 55 ft in width, and 15 – 20 ft in ceiling height. Goals are 6 ft by 10 ft.

Sofive is a preferred location for MLS Academy programs as the 5v5 format matches the need for technical training and small-sided sessions. Our fields comfortably fit up to 15 players.

Footwear & Equipment: what do we need to bring?

We encourage to use turf shoes as this is the most comfortable and safe footwear to play on turf. However, we do allow non-metal cleats to be used on our fields. We provide a 5-a-side ball, which is slightly smaller and heavier than a regular size 5 ball, but not quite a Futsal ball. You’re welcome to bring your own ball if you prefer. We will ask you to leave your ID with us should you borrow our ball. Finally, we strongly encourage the use of shinpads.

Club banner: are we allowed to hang the club banner on the fields?

No. We only allow clubs to bring their banner and logo if the entire facility is privatized (all fields are rented by the same club), and only for the duration of their rental.

Pricing & Discount: how much does it cost to rent a field for an hour?

Rate: our 5v5 fields have a peak rate and non-peak rate. In the off-peak season, from April to October, we rent a field for $135 for 1 hour and $150 for 1.5 hours. In the peak season, we rent a field for $150 per hour. Please note that price may vary from one location to another. Ask our staff for more details.

Discounts: for long-term contracts, we offer discounts based on volume and starting at 600+ hours per year.

Hours & Holidays: what time are the fields open? Are you closed on Holidays?

Generally, our centers are open from 9:00 am to 1:00 am on weekdays, and 7:00 am to 1:00 am on weekends. Some center may have different restrictions: please check our Facebook page or Google profile for exact opening and closing times.

We are generally open on Holidays as well, with the exception of Thanksgiving Day (closed all day). We close earlier on Christmas Eve and New Years Eve (6:00 pm) and open later on Christmas Day and New Years Day (4:00 pm).

Cancellation policy: can I reschedule my training and how much notice do I need to provide?

Reschedule requests are vetted on a case-by-case basis. A few rules apply: the total amount of hours rescheduled cannot exceed 10% of the contract total; the reschedule dates must be used within 90 days (except for Fall reschedules which cannot be used in the Winter season); a 7-day written notice must be provided to the contact person named on the contract; Sofive shall apply its best effort to find a date/time mutually agreeable but doesn’t guarantee facility availability.